Steem Community Guide [PHP] - site for exploring tags, users of local Steem based communities


[ANN] Steem Community Guide (my own project) is a site gathering informations about tags, users, statistics of the local community based on Steem blockchain. By the local community I mean for example fast growing #polish community which has encountered many problems and developed many tools and curation methods integrating the users from Poland.


Local communities, especially like ours with non-english language can't see very relevant to their interest tags on frontends like Steemit or Busy. It's very hard to find polish tags with interesting content. Which are popular? Who writes the most posts? What is the hierarchy of tags?

Working release

There is already working release which I would like present to you, and which is already used by #polish writers and readers:

Every person writing for the first time on #polish gets the notice about this site, thanks to the bot Informator made by @grzegorz2047.



Tags "cloud" is common way for visualising data in social internet. Size and color of the each tag represents the popularity.

All data can be filtered by months.

Below the cloud you can see listed use of special polish tags. Polish community got to consensus and started using tags with prefix "pl-". Look at the listing how neat it looks, and we avoid collisions with same random words from other languages.

This graph shows tags dependancy and popularity, which means that branches are not only calculated by random order put by user in tag section of article, but also by popularity! It means for example that movies and books are correct members of art.

There are options for showing bigger tree and/or with more data.

For now this future shows all users connected with tags used for gathering data with their posting statistics.

Project Technology

  • Project has caching system which uses SBDS mysql based on Steem, eg. provided by @privex. This system gathers data for statistics mentioned before.
  • Is written in php mainly, parts of code by other users on MIT license (like responsive bootstrap theme, google graphs).
  • Needs hosting allowing outgoing mysql connections (add mysql server ip in cpanel in mysql section for example).
  • Presented polish site works on cheap litespeed hosting.
  • Use config.php for setting chosen sbds server.
  • Set cron to the file cron.php every few hours to gather data -> cache.
  • /img/profile.png is your local community logo.
  • Set analytics in analytics.php to track use of the site.
  • For now tags being analyzed are hardcoded on line 83, cron.php (eg. polish, pl-%)
  • Be aware that too many tags may make mysql query last too long, change your server timing in config.php (although page will stop responding, the script wil be working in the back).


  • Fixes for allowing other non english communities get all functions without messing too much in the source code.
  • More statistics about users (personal pages), showing users posts, curations automated announces (based on special tags), checking Steem transactions for laundering (my case study -, calculators.
  • Big idea is to make witnesses for tags! Build special system counting the users achievemnt in tags and engagement, making them "witnesses". Witness will be allowed to make "rules" for tag he operates, published automatically on the site.
  • .pl domain for Polish Community Guide which was used as working example in this post (more about with announcement posts -
  • In future becoming a specialized, filtered for chosen tags/country frontend of Steem.

Proof of work

As long my github name is different from steem name, I provide this authentication:

  • added author info to licence


Contact me on

Feel free to open issues on the project github -

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